ATLANTIC YARDS: [DE]CONSTRUCTED ( is an ongoing artistic and documentary project to record the changing neighborhood in and around the footprint of the Atlantic Yards project, and to develop an interactive platform for exploration of this record in time and space.

Since 2003, I have been photographing the people, architecture and street environment directly impacted by the 22-acre, multi-billion dollar Atlantic Yards project of developer Forest City Ratner in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. It would be the largest and densest development project in New York City history.  My growing archive contains more than 50,000 photographs, videos, diagrams and other media.

ATLANTIC YARDS: [DE]CONSTRUCTED is an interactive presentation of a selection of the archive: an interactive 3D computer model of the neighborhood is linked to a timeline of significant events in the history of the development. The 3D representation of the neighborhood changes to match the date selected on the timeline.

Currently, ATLANTIC YARDS: [DE]CONSTRUCTED is a stand-alone custom application. Future plans include an interactive online version, as well as a general purpose, open source framework that can be adapted for documentation of other neighborhoods and development projects.